Saturday, 8 February 2014

For the love of hats

Jumper-Homemade, Dress-H&M, Shoes-Primark, Hat-New Look

Fashion tip #357-Buying a hat will make any outfit look fancy.
I had also been an admirer of hats from afar, secretly envious of those who could just wear a hat so nonchalantly. I think that my envy stemmed from the fact that I could never just so blatantly wear something that was in no way necessary. You can't even play it off as a way of keeping warm. However, with the new year in full swing, I thought god dammit Anna. You're 16. If you want to wear a hat for nothing more than vanity's sake then just buy one already.
 So I did. This beauty came from New Look for a not unreasonable price; I also love the wide brim on it as it frames the face perfectly. So, my advice for you secret hat enviers is just do it, you may feel like a bit of a prick at first, but my my the world does look good from under this brim.


  1. Your skirt is awesome! I can't believe I just found your blog... It's so cool. My favorite post is the one about Lorde (who is fan-freaking-tastic) I really like how you don't just say you like something, but why.

  2. oh my this is such a sweet comment!

  3. I love that hat! My friend has one just like it and I really want one now, yours goes so nicely with your hair by the way x

  4. i really like this! the pullover is awesome :) and it really suits you well

    Lost in my mind

  5. Ah you look so good and cute in these pics! Also, I never knew someone had the same amount of feels about hat-wearing, but I definitely get it! I was afraid I wouldn´t pull it off at first, and now I dont even leave the house without it and my friends say it´s permanently stuck to my head hah:)