Sunday, 20 October 2013

You can watch from your window

I've recently come across a young singer-songwriter by the name of Lorde. I'd heard her name before, but I'd never thought to check her out because I'd dismissed her as yet another white girl with an acoustic guitar. Luckily I had to take back my prejudging words and get myself lost in the enigma that is Lorde. However what really got me interested in Lorde is the video to her song "Tennis Court". It caught me eye because of its bare simplicity, the video features Lorde staring at you with a ghostly white face and dark lips, mouthing to a distorted voice sneering "yeah". The whole video is more than a little unnerving and I love it. Somehow because of it's stark simplicity, you can't help but get lost in Lorde's dark eyes and be lulled by the ever present "yeah". 

As for Lorde herself, she's already pretty damn successful. She's the first New Zealand solo artist to have a number one in the United States, oh yeah and did I mention that she's SIXTEEN. The same age as me and while I'm sat at home chain-eating Pringles watching Breaking Bad, she's off having number ones in America and basically being amazing. She's released an EP entitled The Love Club and has just released a studio album called Pure Heroine. But for now just be positively bewitched by Lorde-Tennis Court.


  1. I love Lorde! Such a different sound from such a young girl!

    Also, you're a great writer, good luck on your blog!

  2. I know she's great! and you're too kind

  3. Lorde is wonderblime! I love her soo much. Also what a lovely first post, good luck with blogging :)