Monday, 23 December 2013

No gifts to give

While listening to one of the Christmas playlists on Rookie, a less upbeat song crept up, with lullabying melodies and hushed piano-it drew me in. This song was Christmas In The Room by Sufjan Stevens. The song is beautifully romantic and sweet with a soft sadness to it, so when you begin to feel sick from all the sweetness and goodwill surrounding this holiday Sufjan Stevens is my prescribed antidote. And with a song called "Did I make you cry on Christmas day? (well you deserved it)" you'll see why he's the perfect palette cleanser.

Quand j'écoutais à un des playlists sur Rookie, un chanson moins entraînant s'approche, avec des mélodies de berceuse et du piano calme. Cette chanson était <<Christmas In The Room>> de Sufjan Stevens. Le chanson c'est très romantique et adorable avec un peu de tristesse aussi, donc quand tu commences d'avoir mal au coeur de tout la bonne volonté de ces vacances, Sufjan Stevens est mon antidote prescrit. Et avec le chanson s'appelle "Did I make you cry on Christmas day (well you deserved it)" tu verras pourquoi il est vraiment rafraîchissant. J'essaie practiquer mon français, donc je suis désolé pour tous les erreurs et s'il vous plaît me corrigez!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Uh huh honey

Sorry for the gap in posts, I've been ill/busy/in my pyjamas crying over Breaking Bad so yeahhhh excuses excuses. My new tripod arrived so I can actually do outfit posts now (rejoice!), so what I'm wearing is a vintage blouse, Jaeger jumper (get me being fancy) (jokes it was my auntie's) (I have no money), cheapest stretchy black skirt thing and my Doc Martens. Which are the clumpiest, comfiest things ever, plus they make me feel slightly better while clomping my way up the hill to sixth form in the dark and the cold. In other news, I've been listening to some Yeesuz lately. I have most of Kanye's other albums so I thought I'd take a listen, pretty good but I'm still not sure if I'll buy it. Definite favs though were Blood On The Leaves and Bound 2. I'm sure many of you will have seen the video for Bound 2 which features Yeezy on a motorbike with a naked Kim Kardashian curled around him (yeah I don't know either), however this video is definitely rivalled by James Franco and Seth Rogen's remake Bound 3 . Which instead of Kim Kardashian features a naked Seth Rogan I still haven't quite made up my mind as to which is better yet. It is actually pretty impressive as they made the video shot for shot and some ingenious person has put both videos side by side so you can see for yourself. Something about naked Seth Rogan being curled around James Franco is terrifying yet strangely mesmerising...

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


This story has been floating around on the internet for a while, but it's only now that I have decided to take a look to see what Skateistan is really all about. It caught my attention when I saw pictures of these (what I think we can all agree on) bad ass girls doing their thing on the skateboards.

Skateistan is an international, non-profit organisation which provides skateboarding and educational programming in Cambodia and Afghanistan. Pretty cool right? They began as a grassroots 'Sport for Development' project in Kabul in 2007 and have now won a load of awards for their, frankly awesome, work. They work with ages 5-18, 50% of their students are street working children and 40% are girls. They provide access to education (focusing especially on girls and working children), develop leadership opportunities and build friendship, trust and social capital. All fantastic things. They've recently brought out a book about Skateistan so go check that out if you want to find out more. Also go like their page on Facebook, it'll be a ray of sunshine on your newsfeed between those selfies and passive aggressive statuses. (which gotta be said I do also love.) 

I think we'll all have to accept that we'll never be as cool as these girls. Keep on rolling guys.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Get your creep on

Halloween is upon us again, the time of vast quantities of sugar and fake cobweb spray. I thought I would give you my own lil' halloween round up before I go out and eat my own body weight in haribo.

First up- COSTUMES! Arguably the most important thing of halloween, here are some of my favs that I've seen.
Tavi and Petra (Rookie) as Wayne and Garth.

These girls as Pussy Riot, Angela Chase and the classic Wednesday Adams.

VIOLET YOU'RE TURNING VIOLET! Props to you lady this is one hell of a costume.

FILMS! We all love a scary film even if it's an incredibly cheesy American one with hilariously bad acting (looking at you One Missed Call) Here's a list of all you need for your halloween movie marathon

Now that you're terrified from all those terrifying films you've been watching here's a video explaining why things are so goddamn creepy.

Stay spooky everyone.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

You can watch from your window

I've recently come across a young singer-songwriter by the name of Lorde. I'd heard her name before, but I'd never thought to check her out because I'd dismissed her as yet another white girl with an acoustic guitar. Luckily I had to take back my prejudging words and get myself lost in the enigma that is Lorde. However what really got me interested in Lorde is the video to her song "Tennis Court". It caught me eye because of its bare simplicity, the video features Lorde staring at you with a ghostly white face and dark lips, mouthing to a distorted voice sneering "yeah". The whole video is more than a little unnerving and I love it. Somehow because of it's stark simplicity, you can't help but get lost in Lorde's dark eyes and be lulled by the ever present "yeah". 

As for Lorde herself, she's already pretty damn successful. She's the first New Zealand solo artist to have a number one in the United States, oh yeah and did I mention that she's SIXTEEN. The same age as me and while I'm sat at home chain-eating Pringles watching Breaking Bad, she's off having number ones in America and basically being amazing. She's released an EP entitled The Love Club and has just released a studio album called Pure Heroine. But for now just be positively bewitched by Lorde-Tennis Court.