Saturday, 19 July 2014

Poetry Corner-Phil Kaye

I thought today I'd introduce you to one of my favourite spoken word poets -Phil Kaye. If you have an affinity for spoken word, poetry or just words in general then, trust me, you need to know this guy's poetry.
I first found him through going on a Button Poetry binge and watching his incredible performance of his poem "Hip Hop Lullaby"; you can tell immediately through Kaye's lyricism and natural rhythm that he's a natural born poet. Unsurprisingly he's won a few accolades for his performance; such as being the two time recipient of the National Poetry College Slam award - the only person to receive the award twice. He's performed in venues all around the world, coached in schools and even taught poetry workshops in maximum security prisons; so an all round pretty cool guy.
A collage I made using lyrics from Kaye's poem "Repetition"

Most recently Kaye been part of a series with Button Poetry called "Poetry Observed" which I have really been enjoying. It showcases an array of different spoken word poets, performing away from the stage, in quiet spaces in their environment, such as an abandoned playground scattered with crisp leaves or a small lane at the back of an apartment block, the walls adorned with graffiti. This poem "Repetition" shows off Kaye's sensitive word play and allows him to flaunt his rhythmic combinations-a guaranteed chill inducer.


  1. oooh that video was really interesting, I'm glad you've introduced me to another poet. If you're into spoken word, I imagine you've heard of Kate Tempest, she's my absolute favourite. I'll have to look more into Phil Kaye though, his words were both quiet and brutal, which I enjoyed.

    1. ahh Kate Tempest is amazing! Thank you for reminding me of her!

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