Saturday, 31 January 2015

How r u January?

Hey. Hi, How r u. It's been a minute. 
I'm gonna skip over the whole 'Where have I been??'  'What the hell have I been doing???' (questions I have been asking myself for the past 17 years)  because I assure you, the answers are not interesting. However I shall tell you that something I have been doing is making myself make things. I've got back into journaling, something everytime I do it I think THIS IS SO GREAT Y DON'T I DO THIS MORE?? then proceed to not continue it for around 2 months when the whole process will start again (I also go through this same process about making pancakes.) But this time I've not been so flaky with myself and have been trying to write down/draw/paint my life vibes in a way that makes sense to me. The following drawings are all taken from my journal...

If you wanna see more of the things I have an art blog where I'm trying to post semi-regularly (go go go) In terms of this blog I wanna get back into it again, so be prepared to once again hear me babble about art, music and my general life musings. I really like this whole sharing a playlist with you thing, music informs my life a lot-it moulds the art I make, the clothes I wear, my general life vibe, so sharing a collection of songs with y'all is basically my way of saying what's up. This playlist is one I made a while ago, I've also gotta share the video for the TOPS song because you know my undying love for any kind of dancing in a music video (but especially solo dancing) Enjoy and we'll talk soon.

                                                  Songs of the week 12/01/15 by internet-thug on Grooveshark