Monday, 9 June 2014

Tennis Vibes

Let me set the scene. A summer afternoon, a Topshop store, a pale girl, frenzied, searching through a sale rack, she stops, an emerald glow dawns across her face and finally out of the mishmash of strange plastic leopard print skirts (literally what) an asymmetric iridescent beauty is presented. Now wasn't that dramatic? But really I was pretty proud of myself as I did manage to nab the last of these skirts and surprisingly it was actually in my size. Topshop have a range of asymmetric designs at the moment which I am loving. Popping with bold emeralds, rich tartans and clean fresh whites, they give me super summery vibes. I paired it with a white shirt which makes me looks like some poser tennis player who just sits on the court eating orange slices (aspirations). It also reminds me of the huge beetles which seem to be everywhere at the moment, apparently they are called Rose Chafers for anyone who's interested. Fuck florals for summer it's all about the beetle aesthetic.