Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Crawling back to you

I though I'd give you a round up of some of the best new music around (or soon to be around) at the moment. A lot of artists have put out some great fresh sounds for us to vaguely shake our bodies to. I have been playing AM by the Arctic Monkeys on repeat ever since 'Why Do You Only Call Me When You're High?" slinked its way on to the radio. The album won Best British Album at the Brits this year and you can certainly see why. This album will make you want to slick back your hair, shrug on a leather jacket and slink your way through the streets; feeling like possibly the coolest person ever.

In the new category there's Lakutis' new LP-Three Seashells. His last LP 'I'm In The Forest' is often heard blaring from my speakers, so I was waiting in anticipation for his newest offering. The LP is released on Himanshu Suri's label Greedhead. I have heard a couple of the tracks before-'Body Sceam' and 'Too Ill For The Law'; I have found that Lakutis' music is the kind that you don't love at first listen, but then somehow by the end of the night you've played the LP at least 10 times and now know all the words. He's released a video for the single 'Jesus Piece', featuring fake blood, animal heads and gold paint-oddly compelling.
Stream the LP here.

And finally in the nearly category Chromeo's newest delight 'White Women'. I cannot even put into words how freaking excited I am for this album. I managed to fall in love with Chromeo quite by accident; they were playing a gig near me and my sister was going so I bought a ticket on the door and I congratulate myself on that decision every time I hear some funky synth or a talk box put to great use. Seriously SEE THESE PEOPLE LIVE. You will not regret it. The atmosphere is fantastic- everyone strutting out their best moves; in fact one guy managed to clamber on to the stage and dance his way out of the security guards' grasps (he was later rugby tackled to the floor but you know). They've released some songs from the album on their soundcloud and have made a video to their single 'Come Alive'. If you're not dancing by the end of it someone must have removed your funk gene. 'White Women' will be released on May 12th, better practice your moves.


  1. Hello lovely, I've just come across your blog and it's awesome - I have a small obsession with Chromeo too :)

    I'm your newest follower and look forward to your next post!



  2. Woo another fellow chromette! Thank you so much for the follow, your blog is fab by the way!